SAHURI + Partners Architects Inc.


William Thompson manages all of the LEED projects at SAHURI + Partners Architects Inc. and with 30 LEED projects on the go, maximizing productivity is important. Although William lives twenty-five kilometers from his job in Calgary, telecommuting – when possible – allows him to reduce his driving commutes. For Mr. Thompson, the option of leaving his car in the garage and working from his home office during poor winter driving conditions makes a lot of sense and is a better use of his time. Likewise, if there are meetings that are closer to his residence than his job site, working from home is a convenient and efficient management of work time.

At SAHURI + Partners Architects there is strong support from management to telework. Many architectural firms are on the cutting edge of design technology, so it is not surprising that this sector is open to innovation in regards to telecommuting technology. Management has invested in the technology required to make the telework option accessible to employees. The staff have BlackBerries to keep in touch, and the firm has invested in terminal servers that allow staff to access all applications and documents remotely; employees can log in to the company e-mail browser from anywhere. Laptop computers also allow staff to be fully functional at home and at client sites.


Company Highlights

Name: SAHURI + Partners Architecture Inc.
Industry: Architecture
Size: 50 employees

- Indoor bicycle storage
- Shower and lockers

Work Structures:
- Flex hours
- Compressed work week
- Telework

- Commuter Challenge

- Green Commuter newsletter

Employee Highlights

Name: William Thompson
Age: 29
Occupation: Sustainable Design Manager

Mode of Transportation: Bicycle or telework
Distance from work: 25 km

Like best about commute: Moving faster than traffic along Memorial Drive.
Motivation: Exercise and improved fitness.
“I also tend to eat better
and manage stress a whole
lot better.”
Message to others:
“Someone’s always willing
to help out with a ride.

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