Telus Communications Inc.


Janice Johnson’s job consists of keeping her team members happy by resolving conflicts and providing solutions in a team environment. After a day of helping reduce the stress of her team, she uses her commute home to unwind. “I feel so much better when I ride, sick time is really non-existent in my life and this proves to be a huge benefit for the company… when you look at people who are physcally active, a lot less sick days accrue,” said Johnson. She credits her ride to work in the morning for her success throughout her 27 years as a TELUS employee. “I love riding to work in the early morning, because you’re awake, you’re chipper, you’re happy, you’re refreshed.” She previously won a bike after being awarded top sales person before she was transferred to a management position.

TELUS in Calgary provides team members with free locker rentals, underground bike parking, and on-site showers. TELUS, a National Sponsor of the Commuter Challenge in 2008, is also a leader in teleworking, supporting team members to work where and when it is most efficient for them. On Johnson’s floor alone, twenty-five agents have switched to working from home full-time. And across the country, TELUS’ Flexible Workstyles Program empowers thousands of team members to work from home a few days a month or more, saving them time and money and improving their work/life balance, while at the same atom reducing their carbon footprint.


Company Highlights

Name: TELUS Communications Inc.
Size: 2500 employees

- Guaranteed ride home for shifts late in the day
- Showers
- Lockers and secure
bicycle parking

Work Structures:
- Flex hours
- Compressed work week
- Teleworking

- Flexible Workstyles Program
- Commuter Challenge

- Commuter Challenge Week promotions

Employee Highlights

Name: Janice Johnson
Age: 48
Sales and Solutions ManagerMode of Transportation: Bicycle
Distance from work: 13 km

Like best about commute:
“My peace and quiet, tunes, my own seat, burns off my stress and my desserts.”
Motivation: Reduce cost of parking, health benefits and avoid traffic issues
Message to others: “You pay 27 bucks a day to park!!!”


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