Tundra Engineering Associates Ltd.


If there is ever an example of an employee who is a major motivating presence for sustainable commuting, Ron Bing, Quality Control Manager at TEAL, is that person. A driving force behind TEAL’s consistently strong standing in the Commuter Challenge.

During the winter, Ron takes an express bus from Douglasdale to his downtown office. On the bus he sits with his neighbor, reads or passes the time in relaxed conversation. Ron thoroughly enjoys the efficiency of the express bus. For his commute, Ron pays the senior fee of $35.00 a year. The savings in relation to a car commute are substantial. Each Spring, Ron dusts off his bike and pedals to work. He bikes for six or seven months a year, 42 kilometers a day, about an hour’s ride each way – impressive!

TEAL’s new office is directly across from the Stampede’s Round-up Centre, which means a close proximity to the C Train, buses and the pathway system. Ron’s company has been a champion in its category for three years, with 100% staff participation in the Commuter Challenge, including the president, who cycles during Commuter Challenge week.


Company Highlights

Name: Tundra Engineering Associates Ltd. (TEAL)
Industry: Engineering Consultants (Petroleum Industry)
Size: 107 employees

- Secure bike parking
- Showers and lockers

Work structures:
- Flex hours
- Compressed work week

- Commuter Challenge
- Employees sustainability survey

- Year-round commuter bulletin board
- Promotions during Commuter Challenge week


Employee Highlights

Name: Ron Bing
Age: 65
Occupation: Quality Control Manager

Mode of Transportation: Bicycle or transit
Distance from work: 20 km

Like best about commute: Exercise while biking, seeing the wildlife along the Bow River, freedom and being outside.
Motivation: Reduce emissions, reduce cost of parking and health benefits
Message to others: “Bike and stay fit!”


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